Comparison between IOS and Android



As we have said, we are going to focus on the main differences between these three operating systems. Starting with the typical Android preference, customization. In Android we can change customization at any time, buying a mobile with customization layer or even having a pure Android. In Android we can change the appearance of our phone and add icons, circular or rectangular, add a theme according to the time of year, whether Halloween, Christmas or any etc … On the other hand, IOS is much more closed in this aspect. The customization that it offers us is very short and we can’t go much further than changing wallpapers or some other retouch in the layer.

This does affect stability. This section benefits IOS, as it is a slightly more stable layer than Android. Even so, Android is getting more and more stable with each update. For now, IOS is still the king of this section and that brings more durability, because as you probably know if we do not customize the phone much or retouch its interior, the mobile will be less damaged. This way you can make your mobile phones last longer.

Another quite controversial section is the diversity of mobiles, since as you know Apple only brings out two terminals with IOS a year, the Iphone and the IphonePlus. This limits us to only have two options to choose from in the market and also these two are practically the same in terms of design is concerned. In Android on the other hand, there is more diversity. From Chinese mobiles, to much higher range mobiles. You could say that Android is for all pockets.


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