How to enable dark mode on Gmail

gmail dark mode


Dark mode: light text on a black background

Since Apple and Microsoft incorporated into their devices a user interface that emulated text books (white background and black text) this became the norm and was applied to the electronic devices created later, including our smartphones. The “light mode” had come to stay and was also added to the vast majority of websites and applications. However, in recent years, the popularity of dark mode has grown to become a reality demanded by millions of users. Android 10 and iOS 13 already have this mode by default, so this possibility has already become real for most users.


Advantages of dark mode

As we have already mentioned one of the advantages of dark mode is the energy saving in devices with OLED displays. Tests carried out by Google on the Youtube app showed that the autonomy improved between 14% and 60% depending on the brightness set on the screen.

The white color is responsible for consuming a great part of the battery, but in OLED screens the black pixels don’t consume energy. Greys do, but much less than light pixels.

On the other hand, the dark mode is very useful when we are in poorly lit environments (for example, in bed with the light off). The light in this case is less annoying and also emits less blue light, responsible for altering sleep cycles.

Have we convinced you already? Then continue reading on the next page and we’ll tell you how to enable dark mode on Gmail.


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