Venus was a suitable planet for living back in the days



On Venus, the atmospheric pressure is so immense that it would instantly crush any living being reckless enough to step on the planet. Moreover, if that’s not enough, the planet’s atmosphere is filled with noxious clouds of carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid, which together are not only super harmful to any living being but create a powerful greenhouse effect. As a result, the planet’s lower and upper atmosphere are some of the hottest places in the entire solar system.

But, the latest scientific theory supports the fact that Venus may have had a stable and pleasant climate thousands of years ago, before anything went wrong. Astronomers thoroughly researched and built a model of a virtual world similar to Venus in their laboratories. This model showed that for most of its history the hot planet had the right temperatures, oceans, and stable tectonic plates. In fact, the planet looked very much like Earth at the beginning of its life, to which scientists add that this period of development could have lasted about 3 million years.

During that time, Venus enjoyed a natural and peaceful appearance, with oceans 9 to 304 meters deep, temperatures of 20 to 50 degrees and groundwater in its form. Something not so different from the wind chill we have on earth today. So it is safe to say that 700 million years ago, before the irrevocable change came, Venus could have been habitable.


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