¿What is Ageism?



These social prejudices, which are not based on facts but the result of disinformation and ignorance from the youngsters, is the first step towards the real discrimination of people. This situation can be aggravated, as always happens with discrimination, when the older person himself accepts these prejudices and incorporates them into his personal vision and self-concept, causing lots of damages to his health and psychological well-being.

The stereotypes that associate old age with certain characteristics of personality, such as bad mood, criticism, manias, etc… Predominate in our society, moving away from reality. Anyone who tends to be in a bad mood with 15, 20, 30 or 40 years, will also do with 70, 80 or 90. When we reach a certain age, we can (usually) describe ourselves in a similar way as we did ten or twenty years ago. Each person grows and evolves within their own characteristics; The essence stays there. In this way, in a group of young people we can find youngsters who are very different between them; So, we have to understand this also happens among a group of older people.

We have to apply social determination to understand and not to look away, to try and give a hand to the oldies who are in our need; Also, try and clarify other people’s negative ideas towards the big generations: We can obtain favorable results from this, relating aging towards a more healthy and constructive vision.


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